Community Engagement

Zenith prides itself on making a positive impact on local communities and environments.

We shall always commit to cultivate an atmosphere of positive interaction and openness in order to ensure our presence has a meaningful positive impact on local communities and environments.

Key initiatives in 2020

Republic of the Congo

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating impact on public health across the world, Zenith is establishing a medical grade hand sanitising gel production facility in Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo.

The Company expects to begin selling the hand sanitising gel to the civil population at locally affordable prices, as well as donating certain quantities to local medical establishments and charities.

United Kingdom

Zenith has announced plans to begin manufacturing protective face masks in the United Kingdom for export to Africa, specifically to the countries in which it operates.

The Company is currently in the process of procuring the necessary manufacturing equipment and will provide further updates as appropriate.

Environmental Policy

Zenith is a responsible operator with the highest degree of commitment to environmental sustainability. As such, our environmental policy is defined by the following key points:

  • Treating environmental sustainability as equal important to operational results when evaluating managerial performance;
  • Operating and maintaining facilities and equipment in an environmentally responsible and safe manner;
  • Develop measures to protect the environment and natural resources wherever Zenith operates or conducts business;
  • Ensure satisfactory contingency measures are in place in the event of any oil and gas losses during oil extraction, preparation and transportation;
  • Reducing waste material by implementing the most effective environmental waste disposal practices;
  • Establish and implement an effective system of environmental monitoring within Zenith’s operational structure; 
  • Recognise and reward high standard of environmental performance by employees;
  • Provide training programmes to ensure that employees are competent and have desire to achieve high levels of environmental, safety, and health performance;
  • Maintain open communication with local communities to ensure a comprehensive effort towards making a collective positive meaningful impact on local environments;
  • Routinely update contingency plans to respond to any foreseeable environmental safety, or health emergency that might occur;
  • Implement specific goals in terms of environmental sustainability, with an aim towards continuous improvement

Health & Safety Policy

The Health & Safety of employees and contractors is an essential ingredient to Zenith’s operational success. Our Health & Safety Policy is defined by the following objectives:

  • Taking all necessary measures to safeguard the Health & Safety of employees, contractors and local communities;
  • Conduct operations without accident by successfully identifying all possible Health & Safety hazards and taking the appropriate actions for their mitigation;
  • The use of qualified contractors, who work to the highest possible Health & safety standards;
  • Ensuring all personnel are aware of their responsibilities in terms of Health & Safety by way of effective training programmes for procedures in the event of an emergency scenario, and holding drills regularly to ensure that all personnel are familiar with these procedures;
  • Recognising and rewarding high standard of Health & Safety performance by employees;
  • Implement specific goals in terms of Health & Safety performance, with an aim towards continuous improvement;
  • Undertaking regular monitoring, auditing and reporting of operational activities to identify any possible weaknesses in Zenith’s Health & Safety performance.
  • Abide by all in country and international health and safety standards